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Now Accepting Pieces for Volume 12.1 (Fall/Winter 2024)


The National Security Law Journal is a student-edited legal periodical published twice annually at Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. We print timely scholarship that furthers the dynamic field of national security law, including topics relating to foreign affairs, intelligence, homeland security, and national defense. Digital versions of our full issues are available online. We welcome submissions from all points of view, by both academics and legal practitioners, provided that they make significant and original contributions to the field. Learn more about us. 

Celebrating 10 years of NSLJ

In Spring 2023, the National Security Law Journal celebrates ten years of achievement: ten volumes; nineteen issues; ten successful transitions of leadership; thirty-six professional pieces; forty-five student notes and comments; three book reviews; and symposia featuring prominent scholars and government leaders – from the DoD’s Deputy General Counsel for Intelligence, to the former head of the CIA and NSA, and the former Attorney General of the United States. In recognition of all the remarkable people and effort that has made NSLJ what it is today, the tenth Editorial Board reached out to a few of our distinguished alumni to ask for their stories, their advice for our current members, and how the journal has affected their lives.


Spring 2024 Symposium: Borders and Beyond: the Future of American Border Security

The National Security Law Journal and Immigration Law Society at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School are excited to host a panel discussion focused on U.S. border security and national security implications of immigration control. The event featured Stephanie Groff (moderator), Julie Meyers Wood, and Cart Weiland. 

Fall 2023 Symposium: The New Frontline: Is AI Friend or Foe?

The National Security Law Journal and National Security Institute hosted two conversations focused on the national security implications of generative AI, including how the U.S. government is responding to and incorporating new technologies, as well as how lawmakers are thinking about AI and innovation laws and policies. The event featured William Evanina, Andrea Limbago (moderator), Charles Caithers (moderator), Klon Kitchen, Whitney McNamara, and Tony Samp. 

Spring 2023 Symposium:

Digital Currency

The National Security Law Journal, in partnership with the Journal of Law, Economics, & Policy, held its spring symposium on the topic of digital currency on March 3, 2023. Speakers explored the economic and privacy impacts of digital currency and its impact on cyber corporate governance. 

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