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Write-On Competition

What is the Write-On Competition?

The Write-On Competition is hosted annually for eligible students at Antonin Scalia Law School to join a journal. Students participating are required to submit short note or comment using the materials given without doing any outside research. Students are also required to submit a bluebook exercise and any other supplemental materials required by the journal. After completion of their application materials, students may be offered a spot as a Candidate Member (“CM”) on the journal. NSLJ Full Membership is contingent on the submission of a full note or comment, enrollment in scholarly writing, and the timely completion of all spading assignments. 

About the National Security Law Journal ("NSLJ")

The National Security Law Journal (NSLJ) publishes articles that promote a greater understanding of, catalyze change in, or otherwise provide insight into, national security law. Most NSLJ issues feature three to five pieces: two to three “professional pieces” written by professors, judges, attorneys, or other practitioners, and two or three student Notes or Comments. In addition to drafting their own notes and comments, Candidate Members assist in the preparation of each issue through spading: the verification and correction of authors’ research and citations. NSLJ also holds at least one symposium each year that highlights and examines emerging issues in national security law.

NSLJ Eligibility

First-year students (1D and 1Es), second-year students (2Ds and 2Es), third-year evening students (3Es) graduating in May 2024 or later. 

Additional NSLJ Requirements

Statement of Interest (optional)

Highly qualified candidates will have strong academic credentials and an evident or expressed interest in, or experience with, the national security field. The NSLJ Board will conduct a holistic review of each application, and weaknesses in any particular area may be offset by strengths in others.

Why Rank NSLJ?
  • Leadership positions available to candidate members and third-year students
  • Networking opportunities in the national security field
  • Early spading reducing fall semester workload
  • High chance of publication (two student pieces published per issue)

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