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National Security Law Journal unveils first issue

The National Security Law Journal (NSLJ) at George Mason University School of Law unveiled its inaugural issue today. The new publication features scholarly articles in the field of national security law, including legal issues related to diplomacy, intelligence, and the military.

This first issue contains three scholarly articles: a comparative analysis of the U.S. military and the People’s Liberation Army of China, by Captain Paul Stempel; a discussion on balancing the right to self-defense with preventing civilian casualties in military combat, by Christopher D. Amore; and commentary on the future of international port security law, by L. Stephen Cox. In addition, the issue contains student notes by Noah Oberlander, who examines due process in the context of targeted drone strikes authorized by the President, and Amy Shepard, who examines the right to counsel for detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

You can now read the full issue online.