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Congratulations to our graduating founding members

NSLJ Graduation Photo
Graduating founding members of the National Security Law Journal
The new Editorial Board of the National Security Law Journal congratulates our graduating founding members!

Earlier this month, members of the National Security Law Journal gathered to celebrate the end of a successful first year. Many of the journal’s founding members graduated from George Mason University School of Law on Saturday, May 18, 2013.

“One year ago you recognized the need for more legal scholarship in this exciting and evolving field,” said Amy Shepard, the new Editor-in-Chief. “Thank you for your leadership, drive, and dedicated work. We are proud to have served with you and we look forward to building on your success.”

The celebration included small gifts for outgoing members and, of course, National Security Law Cake.

National Security Law Cake

National Security Law Cake!

EICs with Cake

Incoming Editor-in-Chief Amy Shepard and outgoing Editor-in-Chief Patrick Austin at our year-end celebration