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Drone Wars: Challenges and Solutions

On November 6, 2013, the National Security Law Journal hosted Drone Wars: Challenges and Solutions, a panel discussion on a framework for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles under the law of armed conflict, featuring panelists from the Heritage Foundation, The New York Times, BBC News, and George Mason University School of Law.  Watch now:

Meet the Panelists

  • Dr. James Jay Carafano, Vice President, Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation
  • Scott Shane, a journalist for The New York Times, reporting principally on the intelligence community
  • Tara McKelvey, a feature writer for BBC News and the author of Monstering: Inside America’s Policy of Secret Interrogations and Torture in the Terror War

The panel was moderated by Dr. Jeremy Rabkin, professor of law at George Mason University School of Law.

Presented in partnership with the Federalist Society and the Military Law Society at George Mason University School of Law.

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