National Security Law Journal releases Volume 3, Issue 2

MAY 15, 2015 — Our new spring/summer issue is Journalhere! You can now access the digital versions of the articles in Vol. 3, Issue 2 online.


  • Alexander Yesnik, Foreword, 3 Nat’l Sec. L.J. iv (2015).




2015-2016 Editorial Board announced and student pieces selected for publication

The outgoing Editorial Board of the National Security Law Journal is excited to announce the new Editorial Board for the 2015-2016 academic year. Congratulations to all of the new editors and members:

  • Editor-in-Chief:  Rick Myers
  • Executive Editor:  Sean Murphy
  • Managing Editor:  Lynzi Maas
  • Articles Selection & Senior Notes Editor:  Molly Picard
  • Senior Articles Editor:  Kevin Misener
  • Senior Research Editor:  Stephen Jackson
  • Symposium & Notes Editor:  Kirstin Riesbeck
  • Articles Editors:  Sarish Khan & Dillon Emmanuel
  • Research Editor:  Zachary Deubler
  • Members:  Sid Das, Abhi Mehta, Kelly Snyder, and Jennifer Zielonis

These editors will play an important role in shaping the future success of the National Security Law Journal. The outgoing Board extends its gratitude to these members for their dedication to the Journal.

In addition, the outgoing Editorial Board has recently reviewed a number of great Comments and Notes submitted by our Candidate Member class and publish-on applicants. Congratulations to the students whose pieces were selected for publication in our upcoming issues:

Vol. 3, Issue 2 (Spring/Summer 2015):

  • Lauren Doney, NSA Surveillance, Smith & Section 215: Practical Limitations to the Third Party Doctrine in the Digital Age
  • Rick Myers, Confinement of U.S. Service Members in Civilian Prisons: Why Congress Needs to Modify Article 12 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Vol. 4, Issue 1 (Fall/Winter 2015):

  • Molly Picard, Cyberspace: The 21st Century Battlefield Exposing Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines to Potential Civil Liabilities 
  • Stephen Jackson, Terror in Mexico: Why Designating Mexican Cartels as Terrorist Organizations Eases the Prosecution of Drug Traffickers under the Narcoterrorism Statute

National Security Law Journal currently accepting submissions

National Security Law Journal - Print EditionThe National Security Law Journal’s submission window is currently open for professional pieces for our spring issue, Volume 3, Issue 2. We welcome essays, book reviews, and articles written by practitioners and academics on topics related to national security law. Ideal submissions will conform to these style instructions and will offer a novel, focused contribution to the evolving field of national security law.

Submissions are accepted on Expresso and directly at More information is available here.