Volume 4, Issue 2- Spring/Summer 2016

Volume 4, Issue 2 – Spring/Summer 2016 (PDF; 2 MB) – Download the entire issue!

Published May 13, 2016



Print edition of Vol. 4, Issue 1 now available

The print edition of Volume Print-Edition-Ad4, Issue 1 is now available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. In this issue, Major Patrick Walsh, Associate Law Professor at the Army’s Judge Advocate General’s School, analyzes a framework where national security professionals can predict changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to determine which programs are at risk of removal by future executive, legislative or judicial action; and Jesse Medlong, an Associate at DLA Piper LLP (US), uses quantum theory to examine the unique legal role of delegated authority and standard operating procedures in the military. This issue also contains two comments by George Mason Univ. School of Law students: Stephen Jackson proposes designating Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations to facilitate prosecution; and Molly Picard examines potential civil liabilities for U.S. military personnel engaged in the cyberspace battlefield. Each copy is only $12.95 and eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime.

National Security Law Journal releases Volume 4, Issue 1

JANUARY 12, 2016 — Our new fall/winter issue is Journalhere! You can now access the digital versions of the articles in Vol. 4, Issue 1 online.


  • Patrick Walsh, Planning for Change: Building a Framework to Predict Future Changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, 4 Nat’l Sec. L.J. 1 (2015).
  • Jesse Medlong, Quantum Lawmaking: How National-Security Law Happens When We’re Not Looking, 4 Nat’l Sec. L.J. 25 (2015).


  • Stephen Roy Jackson, Comment, Terror in Mexico: Why Designating Mexican Cartels as Terrorist Organizations Eases Prosecution of Drug Traffickers under the Narcoterrorism Statute, 4 Nat’l Sec. L.J. 83 (2015).
  • Molly Picard, Comment, Cyberspace: The 21st-Century Battlefield Exposing Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines to Potential Civil Liabilities, 4 Nat’l Sec. L.J. 126 (2015).

The National Security Law Journal is now available electronically on HeinOnline

HeinOnlineTo the great credit and hard work of several members of the current and previous Editorial Boards, we are pleased to announce that past issues of the National Security Law Journal  are also now available electronically on HeinOnline. HeinOnline is the world’s largest image-based legal research collection and contains more than 9 centuries of legal history.  As a premier research tool, it provides users access to NSLJ issues in a fully-searchable, PDF image-based format. This means that the electronic PDFs will appear as exact page images of the print documents, and all graphs, charts, pictures, and footnotes will appear just as they do in the hard copy.


This is a great milestone for the National Security Law Journal, and the Editorial Board is proud to be able to share it with you. Our hope is that NSLJ’s arrival on HeinOnline will increase our readership and footprint in legal scholarship by further simplifying access to our issues. HeinOnline, however, is a subscription based database. For additional details about HeinOnline, or for subscription options, please visit the HeinOnline website.